Life Lesson Quotes

  • Good Relationships don't just have to make them happen and happening!
  • Relationship is..wen sum1 hurts u, u dont hurt back..wen sum1 shouts at u, u dont shout back, but wen sum1 needs u, u always come back.
  • Always find Time to spend with a closer person even if u r busy..b'cuz one day U will have time...but not your Lovable person with You.
  • The only honest measure of your success is what you are doing compared to your True Potential.
  • Sometimes v dream of having sum1 v really like..but life isnt like dat. we don't get everything v want but in da end we end up loving sum1 better than v dream of..isn't it ??
  • Idleness is not doing anything..idleness is being free to do anything.
  • Every heart has a pain..only da way of expression is different..some hide it in their eyes and some hide it in their smile.
  • Love comes only once in the Life of those who know wat Love is...Love comes again and again in the Life of those who know wat Life is.
  • Be a friend of thousand..but be a Love of one. Give your smile to everyone...but give your heart to only one.
  • Learn to Love da ppl who r willing to love U at present..forget da ppl in da past and Thank them 4 hurting U which let U Love da ppl U have right now..!
  • Zindagi ki khoobsurthi ye nahi k aap kitne khush hain..balki zindagi ki asli khoobsurthi ye hain ki doosre aapse kitne khush hain.
  • You can see many lips that smile 4 u. but its difficult to get da eyes dat cry only 4 you. Ever you miss dat lips..but Never u miss those eyes..!
  • A person who laughs more and makes others laugh wud b having a thunderstorm sadness beneath his heart.
  • A man who dares 2 waste 1 hour of Time hasn't realized the value of Life.-- Charles Darwin.
  • Lovely times of our life will not return back ever.But d lovely relation and da missing memories of frnds wil stay in da heart 4 ever..!
  • Every1 will not get everything this is da way of Life.Dont try to get something which is not urs ..but Dont Dare 2 loose something which is urs..!
  • Take time to listen to your Heart.Sometimes You need not ask yourself who loves you most.Just ask yourself who makes you feel Good and Happy..:)
  • Everything in Life cant make you happy.Everything in a day cant be satisfying.But there is 1 thing that makes u feel nice..That is Care for you in someones Eye.
  • If a bird falls in Love with a fish.... where would they live ?? #quote #brilliant
  • Sum Promises are always unbroken,Sum Memories are always unwritten.Feel da Magic of True Relation and You ll realize dat Real Feelings are always Unspoken.
  • y is dat a soldier dies happily in battle, y do v run to help a friend even after a bitter quarrel, y do v feel pleasure in hurting da 1 v love, y r v consoled only wen v are consoled by da one who made us cry, y do v love our loved 1 even wen they hate us ! Bcoz.. In Life..Some defeats are sweeter than victory..! Life is so short to realise this..just Feel it, Love it and Live it ! (=
  • The reason that most of our dreams are not reached is that we spend most of our time doing secondary things !
  • There is only 1 person in the world who can set limits to your is You !
  • Only 2 persons in this world are happy..First is Mad n Second is Child. Be a Mad to achieve wat u desire and be a Child to enjoy wat u have !
  • Most of us miss out on Lifes Big Prizes..Nobel, Oscar, Grammys...But v r all eligible for Lifes small pleasures..a hug from a best friend, a short sleep on Moms shoulder, a Full Moon, a Glorious Sunset, a chat wid 1 v like a lot, a delicious meal, a gud joke, an icecream, a shower of rain, a silent night on da terrace, a slow walk on empty road wid da person u love most. So dont worry about missing Lifes grans rewards, Enjoy the Tiny Delights. (:

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