The Complete Family

A family is not complete without love and affection among all the family members.

Its always important to maintain a healthy relationships between the couples that in turn creates a lovely and healthy complete happy family.

But sadly these days, its quite hard to maintain healthy relationships for various reasons.

If you are serious about maintaining a healthy relationships with your spouse and therefore create your dream family, its very important for you to realize few things. Read them here

A Sister

A Sister always reminds us of the good times we have, all the fun, the adventures, the care and concern that do make some great memories to cherish throughout our Life.

A sister is next to mother!


Our Brother is our first friend in our Life with whom we learn, we play and we grow up.

We are greatly influenced by our Family and The Brotherhood which is probably best thing in the world. You can find brotherhood almost every where you go in fraternities, family, and everyday life.

When you work with someone for awhile you will start to develop friendships with them and trusting them with things. Another place that you will find brotherhood is in fraternities. This is where brotherhood is the strongest. Its a sweet fellowship relation between people sharing similar interests, ideals or experiences.

A Child

Children are a blessing from God. A child brings happiness to the family and makes it a Complete one.

A marriage without children is not complete. Children are always a joy, delight, happiness and pleasure whatever age they are. The pitter, patter of those small feet is the best music no money can buy.Their innocent faces with cute smiles are priceless.
A woman enjoys her motherhood everyday as the child grows up and the Father enjoys the responsibility that they share with the family.

Nothing in the world is more valuable than our children ! So do not be weary to labor for your children, for when you are old, they will accompany you to the end of the world.


Fatherhood is an extreme bliss . The role of a father in a family is not only of the bread earner, but he is the guide and the supporter of the family.

We all look up to our fathers innumerable times to seek advice. Fathers are like pillars of strength for us on which we can always rely on. Fathers are our guide, friend and philosopher. Fathers are the role model to follow in life. Right from our first steps on this earth, we learn a lot from our dads. They are like a protective shield for us in times of crisis and difficulty.

Father’s Day is a special day dedicated to our dear fathers.Its a day of commemoration and celebration of love we hold in our hearts for our dear father - the special man in our life. We can never forget the sacrifice of our fathers and the roles they have played in shaping our lives. Father's Day gives us the opportunity to show and express our love and care to this man, who deserves our support most.

On Fathers Day it is our turn to thank our fathers for their constant support and dedication.


Mother is undoubtedly the most sacred creation of God on Earth. She is the first person to take care of us. A Mother shall sacrifice all her comforts and works ceaselessly in the home without expecting any monetary reward, just to take care of her children.

Motherhood means sacrifice and pain, and all that she expects in return is her children to be happy and healthy. Its the only reward she desires from her children. And that is Motherhood !

Mother is a Mother be it a human or any animal species. A tigress will attack you and kill you if you dare to approach her cubs. Every animal mother teaches her young ones the art of living in their world. Every mother is ready to go to any extent to save her young ones. Many expectant mothers talk to the yet to be born child. They feel lot happier doing that. They plan for the future of the kid, food, education, clothing, shelter and everything.

For a mother, the child is her extension. This is not so for the fathers. Mothers treat the child just like themselves. The more a mother touches her children physically, the more loved and comfortable they feel. This is one of the reasons why touch works wonders.They get the reassurance of the protection of the mother.

Therefore a child should always feel indebted to his/her mother because nobody else including the father sacrifices so much as the mother to bring him up.

" Mother is God on Earth ! "

Universal God

There is definitely some Power beyond Science and Human Imagination that drives the entire Universe. Many believe and call that Power as God who is often conceived of as the supernatural creator and overseer of the Universe.

God has also been conceived as being incorporeal, a personal being, the source of all moral obligation to the greatest conceivable existent.He is omnipotent(unlimited authority or power), omnipresent, omnibenevolent (perfect goodness), divine, Simple and eternal.

In-fact we are '0' , God is '1' and when God is with us we become '10' ! That makes comeplete Life .

God is worshiped in various forms and sizes but no matter what the ultimate God is one and that is the True Eternal Spirit.Likewise each one of us have a Higher Power. It doesnt matter whether you call it the universe, God, Buddha, Mohammad, or a Great Spirit. We know there is something that is greater than each of us.

Life is all about discovering and inventing your true spirit and living the best of your self.

There do exist many paranormal things and powers that are beyond human imagination that drive the entire universe.

In fact there are many unexplainable things that when properly utilized can stimulate your best hidden potentials. Read more here