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  • Love someone... It doesnt matter if you SUFFER. It doesnt matter if you CRY. It doesnt matter if you FIGHT. Because at the end, you will be able to say I SUFFERED, I CRIED, I FOUGHT, But I LOVED YOU!
  • U don't hav 2 b perfect 2 let sum1 love u da way u want 2 b loved,Always remember..being simple is da most perfect way to make sum1 fall in love wid u.
  • wen u wait 4 sum1 4 few mins..its need. 4 few hours..its trust. 4 few weeks...its friendship.but wen u know da person wil not cum and u still wait.its Love..!
  • There's no such thing like a perfect person. A person becomes perfect when we begin to love them sincerely.
  • Love only fails, when we fail to Love.!
  • Distance cant separate any1,nearness cant bind any1..if feelings are true and from da heart..just close your heart and u ll find the 1 whom u really miss.!
  • One makes mistakes..dats Life..But it is never a mistake to Love sum1..Love just Happens!
  • Meeting u was fate..becoming ur frnd was choice,but falling in Love with you was completely out of my control.
  • wen my arms sometimes cant reach da ppl close to me i always hug them wid my thoughts ..r u getting squeezed..coz i m thinking as hard as i can..:P
  • My worst enemy is my Heart ..Its mine but still it beats for sum1 else.. :P
  • You don’t love a woman because she is beautiful, but she becomes beautiful because you love her.
  • It hurts 2 love sum1 and not to be loved in return..but its more painful to love sum1 and never find da courage to let dat person know how much u love him.
  • The only true painful good-byes are the ones that are never said and never explained.
  • Few mins ago i closed my eyes n i saw u in my dream..i saw u da most happiest in dis world.If this is da way 2 c u happy..i wish my eyes remain closed 4 ever. :)
  • It hurts wen u need just a piece of love and there isn't any1 2 give it. it hurts even more wen u have an ocean of Love and ur loved1 isn't there to receive it.
  • It doesn't hurt me seeing u in love wid someone else..not wen i c u happy wid him and not wen u say hai to me..It hurts me knowing dat i shud have been there in his place.:(
  • A broken Heart shud day.." I will remember him not as the one who broke my heart the one who taught me how to live with a broken heart...still love you..! "
  • Feel gud wen sum misses u..feel better wen sum1 loves u..feel best wen sum1 never forgets u..!
  • wen sum1 really likes u,they vil never hurt u..if they do..u can see it in their eyes dat it hurts dem too..!
  • I have written her name in my heart..because God forgot to write it in my Destiny !!
  • Sum ppl give u tears n sum make u Cry, sum give Laughter n sum Smiles..but only rare can give Laughing tears and Crying smiles..They are called True Friends..!
  • Love is somehow making choices. It is either choosing happiness for other’s pain or choosing pain for other’s happiness.
  • No Genuine Lover loves da Face they Love da Heart.No Heart falls in Love by Choice,its by Chance.No one stays in Love by Chance ...its by Faith..!
  • Hate is just a word 4 sumbody u love but no longer want to believe in.
  • A Career is Great...but You cannot Run Your Fingers through its Hair. ;-)
  • 3 Great things in da world 1) To Love Sumone. 2) Sum1 to Luv U back and 3) da 1st and da 2nd things happen at da same time..!
  • Love is Friendship set on Fire !
  • Love is a big sacrifice, isn't it? You're hurt but you still continue to love. You've been left, but you still wait.
  • wen i m walking in front of u, i m protecting u. wen i m beside u ,m there 4 u.wen i m behind u watching over u and wen i m alone i m thinking of you.
  • The greatest gift u can give to someone is ur TIME. Coz its like giving a portion of ur life that u can never get back. :)
  • The longer you wait for sum1, the more you appreciate it when you get it. -Tumblr
  • They say the world end in 2012. But whatever fate the world may have, I wont allow it to end without telling u that “I’m glad that u came along into my life.”
  • A Fish said to the Water..U cant see my tears bcuz i am in Water. Water replied, But i can Feel Ur tears bcuz U r in Me ! I wud always want to LIVE the Support and Concern of Water towards the Fish.. (:
  • Multiply it by infinity, take it to the depths of 4ever and you'll stil only hav a glimpse of how much I Love you!
  • Love is what everyone thrives for, but not all get their love. It needs lot of expert wisdom and right kind of attitude to succeed in Love. Heres a guide to create all the magic and charm in your life visit here

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  1. nice like to share few things angry can change,
    lips open like a loving petals,
    heart feels rest full,
    eyes gonna speak,
    face shine like a star,
    you makes me complete all the time in life (love can't express in words , speech,comments,in any one in world if he says it doesn't mean love)