Friendship Quote

  • Friendship is like a is not measured on how TALL it could be, but is on how DEEP the ROOTS have grown !
  • Sometimes in Life we think we dont need anyone. But sometimes we dont have anyone wen we need. So don't let ur best buddies go ever..!
  • It doesn't hurt much wen frnds unknowingly move away from us..but it definitely hurts a lot wen they themselves increase their distance from us.
  • Everyone has a Best Friend during each stage of Life...Only Lucky ones have da Same Friend in all Stages of Life...
  • 2 ppl cant manage to b frnds..if they cant manage to forgive each others minor mistakes.
  • U can eat drink together,talk laugh together, enjoy Life together but U r only Real Friends wen U also Cry together.
  • Only few loving hearts can easily identify sum little lies in ur smile n some more truth in ur tears..Never miss those frnds in Life.
  • Everyone hears wat u say..frnds listen wat u frnds listen to wat u dont say..!
  • Kuch rishte anjane mein ban jate hain, pehle dilse phir zindagi se jud jaate hain..Kehte hain uss daur ko Dosti, jisme anjaane najane kab apne ban jaate hain.
  • If you miss sum1 dont cry, think of all da time u have spent together and hold a sweet smile on ur face coz da one u r missing always wants 2 c u smiling.. :-)
  • The Recipe of Friendship...1 Cup of Sharing.2 Cups of Caring.3 Cups of Forgiveness n Hugs...Mix all of these to make up Friends Forever..!!
  • A True Friend luks 4 u, Inspires u, Laughs with u, Cries with u, Understands U and walks with you.
  • Many things catches your Eyes, try to get it. But if something catches your Heart ...Pursue it!

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