My random thoughts

On Friendship...

- Friendship, i believe is probably the one special relationship that we can choose, rely and enjoy it without any limits and obligations.
- Friendship makes Love even more Lovely, but Love sometimes can damage Friendship.

On Love...

- Talking about Love is nice, but living it is even better.
- Love knows no language and expression, and if you are expecting it to be tender and gentle always, then you are 'containing' Love.
- Its mutual understanding that makes a relationship outstanding.
- Money, Time n Love are the three important aspects of a successful relationship, lack of even one of which starts spoiling it.
- People these days sort to a relationship more for their need, greed or growth. Obviously, It wont stand long.
- Love is nothing less than a war; war within ourselves, with that person and with the world around!
- No fool drinks for the sake of bearing pain, i drink to be able to sit here, to be able to watch you and to be capable to bear you. ~ English version of a Bollywood fim dialog. :)

On Marriage...

- Marriage is an important decision of choosing ones Life partner; Fame and name is what everyone looks for...But why not compatibility??
- One should marry only when he is sure that he can make the other person happy. That way both will b happy, and the relationship will last long.
- Marriage is not a compulsion at a certain age, that you blindly arrange someone, make it a business kind of deal and then tie the 'Knot'.

On Life...

- Everything is prone to change, good bad or worse. To keep yourself going, is what is called Life.
- Some mistakes are costly, in the sense that we don't lose anything but for some precious moments.
- When you don't have around, the people who really care for you, all that money and status you earn makes no sense.
- You cannot really change someone by insulting, and just pointing their mistakes. Supporting him and correcting him will work better.
- 'Truth' if not said at the right moment, will loose its value with time.
- Its really strange that we are used to not believing anything without proofs. But certain things stand and exist on faith, only faith.
- When you have too many uncertainties in your Life, you need to take a step back n look for ways to clear up things!!
- Love your Work and Work your Love - Feel the magic that Life creates around you!
- Fear spoils major part of our life. Fear for various reasons.

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