Fatherhood is an extreme bliss . The role of a father in a family is not only of the bread earner, but he is the guide and the supporter of the family.

We all look up to our fathers innumerable times to seek advice. Fathers are like pillars of strength for us on which we can always rely on. Fathers are our guide, friend and philosopher. Fathers are the role model to follow in life. Right from our first steps on this earth, we learn a lot from our dads. They are like a protective shield for us in times of crisis and difficulty.

Father’s Day is a special day dedicated to our dear fathers.Its a day of commemoration and celebration of love we hold in our hearts for our dear father - the special man in our life. We can never forget the sacrifice of our fathers and the roles they have played in shaping our lives. Father's Day gives us the opportunity to show and express our love and care to this man, who deserves our support most.

On Fathers Day it is our turn to thank our fathers for their constant support and dedication.

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