Foodaholics, don't store fat!!

Fast food culture and lack of hygienic food habits can lead to accumulation of fat in our body. If this is not properly taken care of, might lead to serious problems when you grow old.

Having read lot of articles related to ancient Indian Ayurveda, i came up with some amazing food habits that can completely change our physical personality and make us feel a lot lighter.
We just need to change a little of our daily lifestyle, especially daily diet intake and related habits.
Our Food can treat all our health problems.
1. Water-Therapy: Do not under-estimate this Water Therapy. The water we take daily not just helps in digesting the food we eat and eliminating wastes but as well maintains the P-H of our body.

Every morning when you wake up, drink 2-3 litres of warm water (not cold at least) before brushing your teeth. When ever you drink water, drink sip by sip in mouthfuls to make sure that the saliva that secretes all night gets into your body. This helps a great deal in food digestion and body regulation.

After you eat something, avoid cold drinks, drink something warm or hot drinks that will help in the digestion of fat food content, thereby avoiding fat accumulation.

2. Triphala:
Triphala is one of the most powerful medicines of ayurveda, a combination of three Amla, Bihara and Harada dry fruits. Helps in body cleansing and reducing cholesterol.

A small spoon full of Triphala churna is to be taken with milk or honey in the morning, half an hour before break fast.

You can actually get those dry fruits and prepare it yourself, to make sure the combination ratio if perfect and is freshly prepared. Amla, Bihara and Harada dry fruits in the ratio of 3:2:1 have to be churned to powder and stored in a glass bottle.

We can use Triphala continuously for 3 months, after which a gap of 15 days is recommended.

3. Salads: For fat loss, Gaajar (carrot), Kaddhu (pumpkin) and Apple salads are very effective, especially when taken in the morning. Make them a part of your regular diet as and when possible.

4. Sugars:
The sugars we take daily in various forms are not easily digestible and therefore add to our body fat. So instead of regular sugar intake, replace it with Jaggery (original one, dark color) and Honey in our daily foods.

5. Chocolates: Since most of us cant avoid chocolates, instead store some chocolates made of Til (sesame seeds/oil) and Jaggery at home. Chikki is one such. You can in fact eat them daily, will help in burning the excess fat.

Watch out on the foods that make you fat, go for alternatives. Read more here.

So, little change in your food habits, can make you feel lot more fit and fine, both on Body and Mind.You can read more on complete personality development here

Stay fit, work fine and keep dancing to the tunes of Life!! (:


  1. Awesome! Im going to follow few if not all the tips. Thank you :)

  2. Especially for foodholics