Raksha bandhan - My Sisters...

All Indians are my brothers and sisters
this is something we have grown up swearing everyday, right from our school days. But we seldom treat them that way. The true Indian spirit of respecting women and the feeling of brotherhood terribly lack these days.

Raksha bandhan is one such festival that we Indians celebrate to incorporate these feelings. Rakhi is a symbol of brotherhood and love that bonds a lovely relationship between a brother and sister. Its a tender and unconditional relationship that brings about happiness in its best possible form.
And when it comes to relationships, it need not necessarily be a blood relation, any two people can enjoy the charisma of this wonderful relationship.

A sister i believe, is next to our mother who happens to be a great friend as well.

Lucky am i that God gifted me with 3 sisters, two elder and one younger; and that i have been brought up as a lovely lad. As everyone has, we all had a wonderful childhood together and I still remember the days of my engineering when one sister used to dress me up and another used to feed me, just like a kid. (= But I always used to dominate them, fight with them and trouble them in all possible ways and they in fact used to love me for all that. The time we spent together is something i shall cherish through out my life.

But things change with time; now that 2 of them are are married and i am messed up with my own life, i hardly get a chance to spend quality time with them. But luckily, they are blessed with lovely kids who in turn are a part of our extended family now. I can recall instances when i fall sick and i get a call from those li'l chaps, hardly 5 year old, asking all about my well being. Another 2 year old niece, as and when she comes here, tries to avoid me intentionally until i take her into my hands and she starts kissing me. =)

Doesnt that sound great? Isnt this the true essence of life? Can Life get bigger than this??

All these small but wonderful things are simply priceless and am sure No material pleasure shall match it!!

But the fact remains that, messed up with our own life, most of us tend to forget our sisters to such an extent that we hardly bother about their well being. We don't even have time to spare them a phone call. And now Rakhi just becomes a band on hand and a gift in return. The sacred bandhan (bond) almost vanishes.

How could we do that?? How can we forget all those childhood memories?? How can we forget someone who has been a part of our early life; a part of our own blood; a part of our life in fact, who contributed to what we are now. How can we??

Rakhsha bandhan that we celebrate everyear, is not just a ritual of hand bands and gifts in return, it infact is a responsibility, a protection and support that we owe towards our sisters. Its not only about enjoying great times together, its also about supporting each other in hard times.

I personally, have to confess that i might as well be neglecting my sisters to a certain extent; because of my own personal reasons. But Yes, i honestly believe that i will do the needful and shall give them due care and attention.

I know, i don't have to gift them with lavish materialistic pleasures, i just need to be with them, all along to make sure that they lead a happy and prosperous life with their entire family.

May god bless my sisters and all the sisters of the world, with Everlasting Health and Happiness! 3 Cheers to the Love, care and concern that we share with our best friend of our family- Our Lovely Sister.

P:S I did NOT forget to tell about my Li'l sister, thing is...we had a petty fight recently, and we dont talk. =) No regrets, I ll keep on fighting with her until she gets married and then, may be i ll get someone else to fight with...A 'Princess' perhaps! (=

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