Good Life

A good happy life is what we all look and work for. Below are few basics which all of us need to follow by to achieve a good happy life and healthy atmosphere.

---> Try to avoid your pride.

---> Always Consider others' Point of View.

---> Apologize whenever you are wrong.

---> Do Accept Changes and work for the betterment.

Most of us miss out on Lifes Big Prizes...The Nobel, the Oscar, the Grammys...But we r all eligible for Lifes small a hug from a best friend, a short sleep on Moms shoulder, a Full Moon, a Glorious Sunset, a chat wid 1 v like a lot, a delicious meal, a gud joke, an ice cream, a shower of rain, a silent night on da terrace, a slow walk on empty road wid da person u love most.

So dont worry about missing Lifes grand rewards, Enjoy the Tiny Delights. \m/

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